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services are free and confidential for all candidates. Our goal is to help candidates achieve their career goals. As a full service recruiting firm, we provide you with the following tools:

Career advice and planning
As industry experts, Samcorp will help you plan a career path that will allow you reach your goals. If you have been through a layoff or have hit a ceiling at your place of employment, we can help you get back on track. As Machine Tool specialists with hundreds of successful placements, a network of recruiters, and clients throughout the world, we will introduce you to companies that best suit your career needs.

Resume writing
Samcorp will help you create a professional Machine Tool resume that will clearly and effectively represent your talents and capabilities.

Interview preparation
Our job at Samcorp is to help you in preparing to be the best interviewee that you can be. We do more than send your resume to a company; we are very involved in the follow through. We have personnel relationships with our clients and they work with us because we know exactly what they are looking for in an employee.
We will prepare you for the telephone interview and the face-to-face interviews. Samcorp will go over questions you will be asked and suggest how best to answer them. We will also provide you with effective and proper questions to ask during your interview as well as provide you with tools for the post interview process.
Your job, simply stated, is to be the best at what you do. Our Job is to help you become the best interviewee you can be.

Resigning gracefully

This is usually the hardest step in the process. We will teach you how to resign without burning bridges. We will help you draft a resignation letter that explains your decision as firm and final, and shows your commitment to your new employer. Samcorp will teach you how to show gratitude to your current manager while making it clear that any counter offers will be viewed as an insult.

Counter offers
National statistics show that seventy to eighty percent of employees that accept a counter offer voluntarily leave within three to six months due to unkept promises. The majority of the balance of employees that accept a counter offer, leave involuntarily due to firing, termination, lay offs, etc… Once you threaten a manager with another offer, you will never fully regain their trust and you greatly decrease you chances for upward mobility.


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