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Samcorp Recruiting Inc.
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Samcorp Recruiting Inc.
4501 Atwood Road
Stone Ridge, NY 12484-0386


Samcorp Recruiting, Inc. is a full service recruiting firm that works exclusively with IMTS related companies.

Our motto is, keeping a tight line on your staffing needs.

Our goal is to establish long-term client relationships and partnerships. This is obtained through trust, successful searches, and expertise in the industry.

The owner of the company, Scott Mackenzie, has successfully completed hundreds of searches for Machine Tool builders and distributors. Managers do not hire just qualified candidates, they hire qualified candidate that fit their companyís personality. Samcorpís desire to know each client on a personal level allows them to fully understand what you are looking for in an employee. We are driven to succeed for you and will go the extra mile to solve your unique staffing needs in the quickest and most efficient manner possible.

Samcorpís services can be obtained in three ways:

The Contingency Search:
This is a very productive method to get an introduction to Samcorp. The fee is agreed upon up front with no cost unless you hire from us. If you have never used a recruiter or have not had success with recruiters in the past, this allows you to compare our candidates to those you find on your own, through word of mouth, or from advertising.
Remember, most successful people arenít looking for a job change and they donít have the time to waste reading want ads in the newspaper or online. Our experience and contacts allow us to surface success driven individuals from your competitors.

Engagement Search:
This is a cost effective method of showing Samcorp your commitment to us and to your staffing needs. A percentage of the total fee is paid before the search begins ensuring your companyís staffing needs as one of our top priorities. This is extremely effective with multiple openings or with hard-to-fill openings.

Retained Search:
With this method the entire fee is due before the search starts.
We recommend this search for the most crucial executive and management searches as well as for time sensitive searches. Samcorp makes retained searches the top priority. We will clear our desks and work exclusively on your staffing needs. 


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